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  • 3D printed Handlebar with integrated light 

  • Aluminium bicolor Rims

  • Hydraulic brake system

  • Anti puncture tires

  • 3D printed pedal system

  • Integrated Sidestand

  • GATES CDX Belt drive system

  • 3D printed saddle with integrated taillight and Apple AirTag.

  • Complete 3D printed frame with patented CHFT Technology

  • Bike Rack

R1 10% Deposit

SKU: 1-100
Excluding Sales Tax |
Frame color
  • The production run will take approximately 7 months after the order placement. This period of time will be needed to perform every manufacturing and assembly step in accordance to our quality standards. We will keep you up to date with every production phase.

  • RIDEN grants a warranty for any material or manufacturing defects.

    Free repair and product exchange obligations will cease when:

    • the product becomes faulty due to Off Road, rough/bumpy roads use.
    • the product has been repaired by unauthorized personal.
    • the fault or damage to the product occurred during transport.
    • The bicycle was improperly assembled.
    • Owner caused damages.
    • A scratch to the paint occurs.
    • An Accident damages the bike.
    • A theft occurs.
    • The product is damaged due to use with third parties parts, accessories or devices.

    The cost of labour for partial or total replacement is excluded from the Warranty.

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